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Phil likes to take a bath but he is pretty busy at work. He gets home later in the evening than many people and he still has to cook his own dinner. He does not always have time for a bath. It is a luxury for him that he saves for the weekend. He takes his shower everyday in the morning so he is always clean, but the bath is not about cleaning for him. It is for relaxation and stress release. He likes to soak in the bath, but not in dirty water. What he does is he takes a shower on Saturday morning. Then later when he is still clean, he fills the bathtub with hot water. He even uses some essential oils to add a nice fragrance since he heard that it helps relieve stress. He gets into the bath and soaks for about fifteen minutes. If he wants to soak longer, he will drain some of the water and add some more hot water. But most of the time, fifteen minutes is enough. He feels tired and very relaxed after the bath, so he usually gets out and watches a movie after his bath.