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Brushing Hair - daily


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Phil brushes his hair every morning after taking a shower. His mother told him that it would give his hair a nice sheen. He uses a very old brush because he doesn’t have time to go shopping for such a small item. He always remembers his mother brushing her hair in the morning. She used to brush her hair with one hundred strokes everyday. Now, Phil doesn’t have lots of hair, and in fact he doesn’t need to brush it, but old habits die slowly, and he still brushes his hair. He brushes it across the top of his head. He thinks this might help cover his bald spot, but his bald spot is much larger than his hair can cover. He gets a few lines of hair to go across his head, and then he uses a bit of gel to hold it in place. This gives him the confidence he needs to leave the house every morning. He used to use hair spray, but he heard that it was bad for the environment, so he stopped using that years ago. His hair is still damp from the shower, so it is easy to brush and it only takes him a minute to do. Still it is part of his routine and that helps him prepare for the day.