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Phil does his own cooking when he gets home from work because he lives alone. He likes to cook, but he doesn’t like to think of what to cook everyday. Trying to decide what to cook at the end of the day is hard. So Phil usually does his cooking on the weekend. He likes to cook things that he can freeze. For example, he likes to cook a big pot of stew. Then he can divide it into small portions and freeze them. At the end of the day during the week, he can just reheat the frozen stew and add a salad and toast and his dinner is ready. Phil likes to spend one Sunday each month just cooking. He cooks lots of food that he can easily reheat during the week. He makes a list of what he freezes. Then everyday he comes home and looks at the list. He decides what to eat and takes that out of the freezer. This is much easier than cooking something new everyday. Somedays, Phil comes home with extra energy and he doesn’t just reheat something. He cooks something new. That is a special day, and Phil takes a bit longer to eat those dinners. He likes to savour the flavor. He’s a good cook because he likes to eat good food.