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Dish Washing - daily


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Phil hates to wash the dishes. At least, he used to. He thought it was a waste of his time. He used to leave the dishes in the sink and use new clean ones. Finally, when there were no more clean dishes, he would sigh, and reluctantly wash all the dishes. He thought that was a very efficient way to use his time. The problem was that the food had dried on the dishes, so it took a long time to wash off. He really had to wash thoroughly. After a few years, he realized this was actually wasting his time. Then he decided to wash the dishes right after they were used. Making himself wash the dishes right after using them took him another two years. But he finally did it, and now his house is much cleaner looking. He always washes carefully because he hates dirty dishes. He fills the sink with hot water and puts some dish soap in the water. He usually adds the dish soap as the water is filling because it makes the soap bubble. Then he gets a dish cloth to wash with. He scrubs the dishes with a scrubber sometimes if there is food that is hard to get off. He likes his teflon pans because they are always easy to clean. After washing, he always rinses the dishes with a bit of clean water so they don’t have any soap on them. Then he puts them in the dish rack to dry. Now with no dirty dishes in the house, he can relax a lot more.