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Grocery Shopping -daily


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Phil goes shopping for groceries almost everyday. He doesn’t like shopping for groceries. In fact, he used to go shopping only once a week. The problem with shopping once a week was the freshness of the food. Even with a fridge, it was not very fresh after four or five days. He also used to buy larger quantities, to last a week. The problem was that the food used to go bad. It was wasting money. Now, he shops almost everyday, and he eats better food. He also wastes almost no food. But he doesn’t like to see people in the grocery store too often. He wonders what they think about him. Maybe they talk about him when he is not there because they see him so much. He always goes to the vegetable section first, to get good vegetables. He doesn’t buy much fruit because it is expensive. Then he goes to the cereal section and buys some cereal for breakfast. After that, he gets the bread at the bakery. He usually gets the meat and frozen food last, so it will stay cold. Then he walks home with the groceries. Since he buys food regularly, it is not too heavy and walking home is easy. It’s only a ten minute walk. He always puts away the groceries right after he gets home. Then he sits down to relax.