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Davin is very gentle. He would never hurt a fly. He believes in ’live and let live’. When he was younger too, he never hurt anybody, even though some of the kids used to play rough. Now that he is grown up, of course his life is more peaceful, but grown-ups still hurt each other sometimes. They do bad things like lie and cheat. But not Davin. He thinks its just plain wrong to hurt other people. That’s why people trust him so much. And they never do bad things to him. But he still gets hurt sometimes. For instance, a few weeks ago, he was playing racquetball, and the ball hit him in the ear. He had a hurt ear for a few days, but the doctor said it was not serious. His ear is better now, and he probably will not get hurt again because he will be even more careful. But the best thing is that he is gentle. That means he will probably not get hurt by other people.