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Laundry - daily


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Phil does his laundry once a week. He works from Monday to Friday, so he doesn’t have time to do the laundry on those days. He usually does the laundry on Sunday, but sometimes he runs out of clothes on Saturday so he does the laundry then. Phil bought enough clothes that he can change clothes daily and still do all his laundry at the end of the week. So he has five pairs of dress socks, five dress shirts, and so on. That way he always has enough to last for a week. When he does his laundry he uses warm water. He puts his laundry in the washing machine, and adds the liquid detergent on top. Then he turns on the water and closes the lid. The laundry machine is automatic so he doesn’t have to think about how much water to add. He always adds detergent ‘by feel’. He adds as much detergent as he thinks that load of laundry needs. He always does two loads of laundry. One load is most of his clothing, like shirts, and pants. The other load is the laundry he wants separate, like his socks and underwear. After the washing machine is finished, he puts it all in the dryer together and dries it all for about 40 minutes. That is usually enough to dry the whole load. He puts in an anti-static cling sheet so that the clothes don’t stick together by static electricity. Then he folds his clothes and puts them away for the next week. He likes this routine, and it is easy for him.