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Rebeccah let out a sigh as she walked back on the road. She was safe. A few minutes ago, she was in fear for her life, and her heart had been beating so fast, but it was past now. She was walking home after the test she wrote. The university students had been let out after the test but it was already dark. Rebeccah had to walk down a narrow dark road. On the road, ahead of her, another person let out a whoop and ran towards her suddenly. She panicked. She herself let out a scream and dropped to the ground because she was so scared. The other person ran past her, and slapped hands with someone at the entrance to the street. They were just happy that the test was finished, it seemed. Rebeccah was safe! She let out her breath in a long slow sigh as the two others walked away. Then she got up and slowly started walking home again.