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Dan liked to shoot at just about anything. He was very good, but he always wanted to practice. He would shoot at signs, and shoot at small rodents like mice. He even shot at plants sometimes. His friends liked to go with him to the shooting range since he could help them and give them tips to shoot even better. He was just a natural. Of course, this doesn’t mean he could always shoot so well, but it means that he loved shooting at things so much that he was always practicing and that’s why he was so good. One day he went to a gun safety clinic. The instructor asked if anyone could demonstrate proper shooting technique. Of course, Dan’s hand shot up, and he was the first to volunteer. And of course, he did an excellent job. Then there was another time when the gun shop in town ordered a new gun. They let Dan try it out in their private firing range, and he said it was a fine gun. After that, sales shot up for the new gun for almost two weeks, as word spread that Dan liked the gun. Dan was becoming famous, locally.