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Phil likes to shower in the morning everyday. He read that the shower of water has a lot of negative ions in it, so it wakes you up in the morning, and makes you feel refreshed. He usually goes into the shower and turns on the hot water for a minute. He stands and looks at himself in the mirror while he waits for the water to get hot. Then he adjusts the temperature with the cold water. Then he gets in a takes his shower. He keeps his cell phone by the shower in case he gets an important call from work. He likes to shower for about five minutes. That’s enough to get clean and warmed up. He always uses soap, with a special towel that makes the soap lather up good. He only shampoos once every two days because the shampoo dries out his hair. Then he turns off the shower, reaches out for his towel, and dries himself while he’s still in the shower. He dries his feet last, of course, then steps out onto the bathmat, and puts on his underwear. Then he is ready to dress and make breakfast.