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The Lazy Man's Eyes - disappearing H


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Henry read the report. It was written by Emery but it was not very well written. Henry put his report down slowly and looked at his file. Henry could read his salary in the file, and he knew why it was not that high. Emery was not putting in his best effort. Henry knew Emery only a little bit but he already knew Emery was a little lazy. Henry knew a lazy man when he looked in his eyes. He knew you could see laziness in his eyes if you knew how to look. He had seen laziness in Emery’s eyes, too. And now he had read Emery’s report, and he knew he would not increase Emery’s salary until he had helped Emery become less lazy. He planned to watch Emery work and point out his bad work habits for a few days. Then he would wait a month to see if there was any change. Henry could almost always help a man work harder and increase his work quality. Henry was a good man.