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Washing Face - daily


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Phil washes his face right after he gets up in the morning. He gets up and stumbles to the bathroom in the darkness because he is still groggy. Waking up is difficult for Phil and washing his face makes it easier to wake up a bit. He likes to use the scented soap that he finds in the supermarket next to the toothpaste. He likes the scent and he also heard about aroma therapy. He heard that some aromas can help wake you up and others make you sleepy. He does not know if the scent in his soap is the one that helps wake you up, but he likes to think it helps anyway. After he washes his face, he likes to stand there with water dripping off his face, looking at himself in the mirror. He says how much he likes himself out loud as he looks in the mirror. This routine helps him get the day started right.