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Rebuilding - what do you think?

Well, I am getting well into the rebuilding process, and the overall feel of the site is a bit different. What do you think? I have put up different players for the videos and audio tracks. Are they working for you?

If you have any problems, be sure to tell me. I have hundreds of pages to rebuild. I will make a few mistakes. If you find a real mistake and tell me, I will give you a FREE month of premium membership (not finished yet, but I am working on that) which is basically access to almost everything on this site. Pretty good, huh?

Also, I cannot get the old accounts (before my site crashed) into the new site, so I have to ask you to make new accounts if you want the basic level of access (there will be three levels of access -

  1. no membership
  2. basic membership - which is free
  3. premium membership

You can go and make a new free membership here right now, if you like!