Grammar: Lay

Everyday for years after work, Niles has laid down on the bed. He’s laid back his head and looked at the ceiling while smoking a cigarette more than a thousand times. He’s always felt tired from his hard day. He’s spoken out loud, saying how he felt. He’s spoken into a mike, recording what he’s said. He has laid bare his feelings about work and home every time he’s done this recording. He always lays awake for a long time on the bed. After this, he’s gotten up, and taken off his clothes. He has laid the clothes on the bed the same way for years before walking into the bathroom and taking a shower. Then, after his shower, he has laid out his agenda for the next day and made changes to it. At dinner time, he has laid the plate on the table very carefully and quietly because he has always been conservative in his actions. This has been his regular routine for years.