Grammar: Mean

Randolph is upset. Sometimes, he tries to help a person on the way to work. He means nothing bad. He only wants to help by giving them his seat on the train as they ride. But they often look upset when he offers it. He even says to them, “Please have a seat.”

Several people replied with, “What do you mean? Are you trying to tell me that I am old?”

“No, I only mean to help. I thought you might like it. I thought it was good manners. I don’t mean to insult you.”

Some of the people then say, “Well, help someone who needs help. I don’t need help.”

And some of them move to another place on the train, farther away from him. Randolph is upset because he only means to help, and instead some people think he means to insult them.

“The world is really changing,” he thought to himself.