Grammar: Get

Kollar needed work. “I got a job right away, I was safe,” he told his friend. “It was a simple plan: I got a job, and saved money. I got a ticket for the chunnel to France so I could drive to Hungary. I got into the car and I went. I got away from here for two days, and nobody knew where I was. I got back and apologized to my boss to keep job. Then I got my life back.” His friend listened quietly, and nodded, then said, “I got you. But I had another friend who did this: he got someone to go for him, like me. Then there was no risk to his job. That was safer.”

“Would you do that for me?” Koller asked.

“Sure. Anything for a friend in trouble. Who knows? Maybe one day you can help me back.”

Koller didn’t know it, but this plan much more dangerous.