Grammar: Go

Wen Lei is new to America. He has to learn many new things. He's telling an American student how his life has been recently.

'I've gone to the English school everyday, but it is still difficult,' he says. 'After school, I've gone on to the part time job I have. Then I've gone back to my apartment.'

'Do you go out on Friday nights?' asked the young American.

'No, because I've been going through problems in my homework. I like to get that done first. 'I've gone into the library to work because it is quiet and I can concentrate there. I've usually gone down into the basement of the library building. They have lots of study booths there. I stay for several hours, but sometimes I've gone up to the cafeteria for a break. I have a coke then. That is what I do on Friday nights.

Wen Lei is quite a serious student.