Hi, ready to practice Listening to English?

If you can read English,

But listening is difficult...

Then this site is for you!



  • speak when you listen
  • practice frequently
  • practice for short periods


This site has scripts for every story!!


You can check what you hear!

Scripts really really help with listening practice. This site includes scripts for every story.


Everyone knows shadowing is super good! Now you can adjust the speed to 'ease into' shadowing. Or go faster!

This is part of rule number one. Shadowing is one way to practice listening.

Listen and Repeat

Use the 'reorder the words' section to listen to one sentence at a time. Then try to repeat it!

This is part of rule number one. Listen and repeat is another way to practice listening.


Practice listening for the rhythm. Feeling the rhythm is a very important skill.


Grammar is a nice support to listening and understanding. If you know grammar, you can think about the words that might fit in the place you can't hear.

Four levels

Free level


this level is already open to you. All my basic stories with audio and player and script are open to everyone.



  • login
  • script is synced with audio ... you can see the words highlighted as you hear them.
  • 'jump' to any word in audio by touching/clicking it
  • rearrange words for mixed up sentences from each story - test your memory
  • Use the 'RED LINE' technique with internal calendar
  • I remember for you... this site marks the stories you have listened to.



  • all the benefits of the basic level, PLUS:
  • One private story per month... you tell me what you want to study and I will write a story that will be your private story for one month.
  • optional email reminders to study.
  • access **premium** content - only available to this level!



  • You are one of my all star fans
  • You are supporting me as a coach and creative artist. You want me to keep making listening practice content!