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Air Purifiers

2023-05-01 00:00:00 / episode: 105



Air purifiers until the COVID uh situation arose.

Not many people had their own air purifiers and then Corona happened after that, lots of people started to buy air purifiers.

I bought one from my classroom.

It was mandated.

Of course, they do make the air clean and they do prevent uh transmission of Coronavirus because they're gonna filter it out of the air.

Ok? On the other hand, part of me is a little bit concerned about air purifiers.

You might say, wait a minute les these things are good.

They make the air clean.

Why would you be concerned about that? Well, here's my concern.

I'm worried about the boy in the bubble.

Ok? A long time ago, there was a story about a boy who was uh very sick and he got sick quite easily with anything around him.

So they put him in a big plastic bubble with super clean air.

So he couldn't get infections from anything and he had to live in the bubble.

Now, I never really followed up on the boy, but I thought, and other people thought what's happening to all of us if we live in a bubble.

And actually that I are thinking came to pass when the Coronavirus came about, we all started wearing masks, cleaning our environment more and our washing our hands and staying home away from crowds of people.

One of the results of that was, our immune system became less efficient.

We weren't exposed to all these bad things.

And so we, our, our immune system became weak and then we started getting sick after the Coronavirus, people got colds and flus and they got them out of typical season.

So I'm worried that if we use air purifiers too much, we might be making things too clean and then we don't get all those things in the environment that actually make us stronger and increase our immune system.

So I'm a little worried about air purifiers.

Not too much.

I'm gonna continue using one, but I think we should use them with caution.