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Aloe Vera

2023-08-07 00:00:00 / episode: 203



"Aloe vera.

Well, that's a great plant.

I don't know, I think I've heard some people say, but I always heard Aloe vera.


It's a wonderful plant.

It has effects on the skin, it has effects on health, it has effects on anti tumor and anti-aging it.

He helps you uh heal wounds faster.

Of course, all this is anecdotal.

That means these are just stories people have passed on.

Amazingly, I was just reading about Aloe vera and it seems like people aren't doing a lot of scientific studies on it to see exactly how good it is at certain properties like healing or anti-aging or preventing cancer.

But it's certainly got a great reputation and it goes back thousands of years, the ancient Egyptians were using Aloe Vera and people are using it today.

You can use it in a cream and you can also eat it or drink it, I suppose.

And it has great effects.

It's also got a nice smell and a nice feel to it.

It mo moisturizes.

It also has a laxative effect.

That means it helps you feel like want you want to go to the bathroom.

Ok? And this, this magic plant.

Um, I don't know where they grow it.

Do you know where they grow it? Christopher Columbus used it to treat his soldiers when they were wounded.

So it must be growing in nice warm places.

But I don't think you can grow it in Canada.

And if you can, it's certainly gonna be limited to where it can grow.


How do you use it? Which part of the plant are we using when we use? Aloe vera? Are we using the roots or the leaves or the flowers? I'll bet you you could use different parts of the plant for different things.

But I don't know exactly very much.

Can you put it in yogurt? That might be a yummy thing to do.

I think I've seen yogurt in the stores where they have aloe vera in it and it looks pretty yummy.


I think I'm gonna go get myself some aloe vera."