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Anna's Discovery

2024-05-28 00:00:00 / episode: 388


Hi and welcome to the Les Perras podcast episode number 388. This podcast is for listening practice. I have over 50 words and expressions highlighted in today's story for you to get practice listening to. In particular, the expressions 'keep going' and 'once or twice' are repeated. I will put the full list of highlighted words in the description below. 'Today's episode is about Anna and her discovery in New Zealand.

Anna was sweating. She had just arrived in New Zealand for the first time and she was alone. She had to prove to her father that she was strong enough to take over the family business. She could not go home until she had proof.

The beach

She did not know what to do in New Zealand, or how to prove she was strong. She had nothing better to do so she went for a walk on the beach. After twenty minutes or so, she saw something unusual up ahead. She walked over to it and picked it up. It was a bottle with something inside.

She took it out and discovered that it was a map of some sort. She went back into town and went to a cafe to sit down and look at it. After about ten minutes she thought maybe it was a treasure map. She took it to the library and searched many maps of New Zealand. She found the place the map was showing. She still had to find a way to prove she was strong, but until she got an idea, she decided to investigate the map further.

the forest and first discovery

She got off the bus near the place on the map. The map said to go into the forest. She did not like forests. They were full of insect and wild animals. But her curiosity drove her. She wondered what kind of treasure she might find.

Walking through the forest was very difficult. There were many plants and the things she hated most: insects. But she kept going. She got lost once or twice, but with her compass, she could find the way. She thought maybe this forest adventure could help her prove her strength. As she was walking through the forest she found a box. It was very old. There was a key inside it. She took the key and kept going.

mountains and second discovery

The forest opened up and in front of her was a large mountain range. The map said she had to go into the mountains. She started to climb. It was easy at first, but soon it became difficult. But she kept going. If she fell, it would be the end of the story. In fact, she slipped once or twice but she caught herself and did not fall. Finally, shegot to the top of the mountain. She saw a funny spot on the mountain on the other side. The map said she should go there.

cave and third discovery

She went down the mountain and up the other side. It took her hours to get there. Finally she got to the funny spot on the mountain and discovered that it was a cave. She went inside the cave. There were many twists and turns. But she kept going. She finally found a large room in the cave. On the other side was a great big chest. She went to the chest. She tried to open it, but it was locked. Then she remembered that she had a key. She took the key out and tried it on the lock. It worked! The chest sprang open and there was a treasure inside.

There was too much to carry out all at once so she took just a small portion of the treasure and put it in her pockets. Then she started the long trip back to the road.

final discovery

When she finally got back to her hotel room in the city, she was exhausted. But at the same time, she felt great. She had overcome her fears. She had faced the unknown. She had kept going even though it was hard. And she had found the treasure. The problem was, on her way back she had lost the map in the forest. She could not go back to the treasure. But it did not matter. She discovered a new treasure inside herself: The power to keep going and not give up. Plus, she could prove she was strong to her father because she had some of the treasure in her pockets.

Anna decided it was time to go home.