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2023-04-22 00:00:00 / episode: 96




Well, we have two words, put together aroma, which is a nice smell and therapy, which is something designed to help you feel better or get.


So, aromatherapy would be kind of an alternative medicine which I talked about in a podcast.

A few days ago.

Aromatherapy can be used as a therapy for all sorts of things.

It all depends on what aroma you're using and where you get it from.

So, what are these aromas? Usually they're taken from plants? I don't know exactly, but probably more than 90% of the aroma, essential oils come from plants and I don't know exactly how they make them, but they probably crush up the plant and use some kind of extraction process to take the oil out of the plant.

Maybe they crush the leaves and put it in oil and then filter out the leaves and they've got this nice oil which they then sort of condense down.

Anyway, you get these beautiful smells, you can get the oil from eucalyptus leaves which I've done camp for trees.

You can get it from Kamo Mile.

You can get it from just about any plant that you imagine.

And depending on what the smell is, you can use it for different purposes.

Now, I, I didn't look at all the different kinds of oils and the purposes, but aromatherapy can be used to help get rid of headaches.

It can be used to make you feel more relaxed or make you feel energized, which is kind of the opposite.

What you do is you get this special stand.

I don't think it has to be that special.

Most of them are made of pottery and you put the, the stand is kind of like a little, little tiny pot or basin and you put the oil in the top and underneath, you put a candle and it heats it up and the oil as it gets hot sends uh, bits of the aroma into the air.

It, it literally evaporates into the air and you breathe it in a cheaper version is just to put a few drops on an incandescent light bulb.

That's a regular light bulb.

The kind that get hot when you turn them on, that would be a little cheaper, but a little bit messier.

Anyway, go out, try aromatherapy for yourself.

You might enjoy it.