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Automated House

2023-02-09 00:00:00 / episode: 23



Automated house is another word for automated houses is smart houses.

Do you know what a smart house is and what it can do or why you would want one?

Well, smart houses are getting much more common these days.

They're mostly common in America and the U K.

I mean, Britain and I hear that as many as one in four houses is a smart house.

What can they do? Well, these automated houses let you control parts of your house,

like the lighting or the heating or the security system,

they let you control it remotely

or they can let you control it inside the house using your voice.

So this sounds a little bit like the sci fi movie.

The Avengers where the main character Stark, I forget his first name.

He could control things by talking to his computer.

That's what your smart house could do.

You could also turn down the heat by your smartphone

or a computer when you're away from your home.

Another thing that could happen is if somebody does something bad,

like breaks into your house or breaks a window,

you could get an alert even though you're not at home,

so you know what's going on before you get home and get surprised.

Smart houses sound really cool but there are some drawbacks to them.

One is the cost you have to pay for extra stuff to make all this magic happen.

Another problem with smart houses is the maintenance.

You've got a lot more things in your house that can break

or they can wear out and you have to keep them maintained.

Finally, you have to worry about cyber attacks.

You don't want somebody to hack into your house

and do something bad while you're gone.

So there are some problems with smart houses,

but at the same time it sounds pretty cool.

I think it would be fun to have a smart house.