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2023-04-12 00:00:00 / episode: 86




Where do we have balance in our lives? Well, to begin with, there's the simple physical balance.

When you sit down in a chair, you don't fall over because of balance.

The simple act of walking across a room requires incredible balance because you're moving your body over one ft at a time and balancing over that foot takes a great deal of skill.

It took years to learn it.

Now, let's see.

Can we talk about other kinds of balance? How about the uh personal life and public life balance, the work and family balance, trying to get the right amount of work done and the right amount of time spent with your family, then we can divide our life up into different areas and try and find balance between those areas.

How about balance in nature? Things are always changing in nature.

But a lot of scientists say it's a dynamic equilibrium, there's a balance.

If it gets too hot in one place, then the cold wind will come in and blow and cool it down.

Of course, too hot is relative to different things.

Some people will say it's too hot, but nature hasn't said it's too hot yet.

It'll keep on getting hotter some days, but it'll always cool down for balance and then there's the, The whole co2 and greenhouse-gas balance.

It seems like we're throwing that out of balance right now.

But if we look at the earth from a geological time, Well, millions of years ago, there was quite a bit of co2 as well and now there's quite a bit too.

It depends on what the balance of the time is.

Do you have balance in your life? What happens when you get out of balance? Now, there's an interesting question and even more valuable is how do you regain balance? How do you get back into balance?