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Baseball Caps

2023-08-02 00:00:00 / episode: 198



"Baseball caps.

Where did they come from? Where do we use them? What do they like? I love baseball caps at least a little bit.

Well, no, that's not quite true.

I like some styles of baseball caps and I dislike other styles.

I'm sure you're the same baseball caps were first invented about, well, close to 200 years ago.

Not quite.

And it was for a baseball team.

Baseball was quite a bit different back then.

Um, so of course, the caps were quite a bit different too, but it was still the basic small cap, small brim.

It wasn't a wide brim and it wasn't a brim all the way around the cap.

It went out in front and part of it was to keep the sun out of the player's eyes and part of it was to identify the team.

Now, the baseball caps have changed in their style over the years.

But the real modern baseball cap came around, uh, just a little bit before World War One, about 1910 or so.

I can't remember exactly.

And then the really, really modern ones came at somewhere in the 19 fifties.

And after that, there have been different style changes, but they're basically the baseball cap and people started adding brands to the baseball cap.

It was your way of advertising things.

Now, there's baseball caps with all sorts of silly signs on them and they're not all for baseball teams, but they're pretty cool.

And there are different ways to wear them too.

You don't have to wear them the standard way you can wear them sideways or backwards and they're pretty stylish.

You can take them into a lot of places.


I like the baseball cap, but I like the baseball cap with the sloped forehead.

It looks cooler.

I don't like the, the tall, stiff brimmed, um, tall forehead.

That's a matter of personal preference.

Do you wear baseball caps? And if you do, what kind of places do you wear them to? Do you wear them everywhere or do you only wear them to the beach or only if you're playing baseball? Let me know."