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Bathroom Tiles

2023-09-29 00:00:00 / episode: 256



"Bathroom tiles.

They are wonderful things in the bathroom.

Now, not all bathrooms have bathroom tiles, but many do.

That's one of those mysteries of nature.

For me, the main floor of the bathroom in a Canadian uh house is probably gonna be linoleum, but some of them are bathroom tiles.

There's often, frequently, I shouldn't say that often.

Bathroom tiles on the walls around the sink and there may be bathroom tiles around the bathtub itself, maybe on the floor may probably on the walls, almost certainly on the walls.

Bathroom tiles on the walls around the bathtub itself are almost uh a fact of life.

Maybe not quite.

In some cases, they have the modular bathtubs which are all plastic and they have plastic sheets going up the walls.

That's fine too.

But we're talking about bathroom tiles.

Bathroom tiles are usually pretty bland.

They're just uh porcelain plates and they've got a glaze on them and they're usually white or cream colored.

On the other hand, sometimes they can be some other color like and I've seen ugly greens and I've seen black tiles of all things that can be really heavy and depressing in a bath.

Bathroom because you're taking a bath with all this black stuff around you.

I wouldn't like that personally, the bathroom tiles are there because they're easy to clean and keep clean.

Mold doesn't grow on the tiles itself.

But the white glue that they use to glue the tiles on and put between the tiles, we call that groat that grows bacteria quite easily and mold and fungus.

And so that has to be cleaned.

So that begs the question.

Why are we putting bathroom tiles in the bathroom? If the mold is gonna grow on, on this white grout in between them? Well, it's because it cuts down how much mold will grow it.

It won't grow on the tiles themselves.

So your cleaning is actually quite a bit easier if you didn't have the tiles.

Well, except for a plastic wall.

If you had a normal plas normal wall, number one, the water would splash up and get into the wall and then you'd start getting rot, you'd get fungus and all sorts of bad things.

So bathroom towels are there to protect and they're easy to clean."