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Bottled Water

2023-05-17 00:00:00 / episode: 121



"Bottled water.

There's another sign of the times I remember growing up and thinking pay money for water.

You gotta be crazy.

And we, we we were happy to buy sugar water, you know, Coca Cola or Fanta grape.

But paying money for water just seemed like you had rocks in your head.

You could get it out of the tap for free because water is free in Canada, at least as far as I remember or it used to be.

And I went canoeing in the, in northern Canada once northern Saskatchewan and there's so much water there.

But Canada has more fresh water than any other country on earth.

So maybe that makes sense.

However, the real thing that made bottled water turn was status.

People turned water into a real I wanted item.

Some people were drinking a water with a special brand name.

I remember the first brand name water I heard was Perrier and it was a little bit different from normal because it was carbonated water.

It was what, what do they call it? Soda water or what? What have you? So now water being sold in the stores, that's fine.

Then there was mineral water and then there was water with a better taste water that comes from glaciers.

Now, we have water with mild flavors in it.

There's some really good bottled waters here in Japan.

I really enjoy the flavor and we're paying more for the water these days than we're paying for gasoline.

That was basically unthinkable 30 or 40 years ago.

Now, water is a huge international cellar and it turns out that it's actually quite convenient when you're traveling because some of the places you travel to doesn't, they don't have safe water or maybe it's safe enough from a bacterial standpoint, but it has minerals in it and the minerals are different and they can cause upset stomach.

So, bottled water is a real lifesaver in many cases, but I don't drink very much bottled water.

Do you?"