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Bottled Water

2023-10-14 00:00:00 / episode: 271


Hello, welcome to the Les Perras podcast.


Today's episode is 271 and I'm going to talk about bottled water when I was a boy growing up buying water seemed unthinkable.

It was preposterous.

Why would anybody in their right mind, buy water when you can get it out of the tap, you can turn on the faucet water comes out.

It's fresh, clean and safe and it's free.

Well, mostly free.

Maybe you pay a small water bill depending on where you live.

But it's really cheap.

If you told me back then that people would pay more for water than they do for gasoline.

Today, I would have laughed at you in your face.

This is amazing.

These days, bottled water companies are making tons of money selling us things that we can get on our own.

I know it depends on which country you're in.


Some countries don't have access to clean water, but those countries that don't have access to it typically aren't gonna make a lot of money selling water because the country itself doesn't have a lot of money.

The people don't have money to spend on water.

Now, I I can't talk very well about this because I haven't traveled to those countries recently.

But it seems to me selling expensive water to people in developed countries who have access to free water that's safe and tasty.

I don't know how they've done it.

Now, the companies are actually starting to convince people that the free water in their coming out of their tap is lower quality and the irony is a number of tests have shown depending on which company and which town you're living in.

Sometimes the bottled water is quite a bit lower quality than the free water that comes out of your tap in terms of taste and in terms of safety, this is amazing.

They've done ac an incredible marketing job on us.

Don't be marketed on bottled water if you want it for status.


But if you want it for health drink, what's coming out of the tap? I don't pay for water.

Well, I do sometimes, but usually it's flavored and usually I'm in a place where I can't get my water like when I'm traveling or, or out in the city, I recommend go to the um, go to your kitchen and drink the water out of the faucet, support your local government before bottled water companies convince us to that the government should stop delivering this service altogether.

Thanks for listening to the Les Perras podcast.