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2023-08-11 00:00:00 / episode: 207




Now there's a big name, Brontosaurus.

That's four beats.

Technically speaking, that's four syllables.

It's a big word and it's a big name for a big dinosaur.

Brontosaurus was one of the first big big dinosaurs discovered.

They had been discovering dinosaurs and they were all big back then.

They didn't know about the smaller ones very much.

But the brontosaurus came along as a discovery and it was truly one of the largest, then many, many years later, perhaps 50 years later, some scientists came along and said, wait a minute, they discovered Apatosaurus before the brontosaurus.

And the Brontosaurus is extremely alike with the Apatosaurus.

In fact, so much that it's not a different dinosaur.

It's the same.

So they took away the name Brontosaurus.

Brontosaurus was no longer a dinosaur, but it had already made its mark in films and literature and people in general knew the name Brontosaurus.

So that hung on for some years.

Then about eight years ago, in 2015, some more scientists came along and said, well, wait a minute, this brontosaurus, he's different from Apatosaurus.

He's a distinct species and Brontosaurus once again became a dinosaur.

Imagine that the king of kings was now king again after being dethroned.

And so we now have Apatosaurus and Brontosaurus.

Interestingly enough, these dinosaurs were discovered by two dinosaur hunters.

Now I forgot their names.

But these two guys were trying to outdo each other.

They were always trying to find a bigger, better dinosaur or more dinosaurs to become more famous.

It was a competition between the dinosaur hunters imagine that these big, big giants of dinosaur hunting found the giant dinosaurs and then they got mixed up and then they got unmixed again later.

And now we have brontosaurus ruling the dinosaurs again."