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2023-05-20 00:00:00 / episode: 124




I love burritos.

They've got to be my favorite, main course.

With the possible exception of lasagna, I first learned how to make burritos.

When I was probably a teenager at home, we used to make tacos and then it was a natural extension to learn how to make burritos.

You need a nice soft tortilla.

Of course, most people use flour tortillas, they're easy to work with.

But the best burritos are made with uh corn tortillas and then you need your, your filling.

Now, this is where we can get creative for burritos.

You can have a meat filling, you can have a, a rice filling or a bean filling.

Refried beans are a staple in sort of a tex-mex type of food.

Now, I'm not gonna say Mexican because I, I don't believe I ever cooked Mexican food.

My, the food I cooked was tex-mex, which is the American version of Mexican food.

And it's not the same as Mexican food.

I, I went to Mexico and I was surprised at how different the flavor was.

Anyway, getting back to our burritos, you're gonna want a little bit of sour cream.

That's gonna be the king to make the burrito really? Yummy and cheese.

And your salsa sauce, salsa is kind of the core and you need it to be hot.

It doesn't have to burn your mouth off.

But you have to realize that you're eating it mild, just doesn't cut it for a burrito.

In my mind, there were days when I had mostly kind of a refried bean and rice mix and there were other days when I used a ground beef mix as the main, uh, main filler in the burritos.

If you want to get fancy, after you wrap the burritos, you could pour a sauce on them and cheese on top and then bake it.

But now it's become an enchilada and those are really yummy, but they're a little bit messier to eat.

That's the nice thing about burritos.

They're clean and easy to eat because they're all wrapped up in the, the gooey stuff is inside.

Just be careful not to drop it."