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2023-03-06 00:00:00 / episode: 49




Do you do calligraphy? Have you done calligraphy? If you're living in japan and going to the japanese school system, you study calligraphy in school.

But if you're in north America where I grew up we didn't study calligraphy in school.

What is calligraphy Isn't it? Just writing.

Of course everybody learns how to write in.

You know most countries in most schools but calligraphy is a little bit different from writing.

Okay now some of the sources I looked at said calligraphy was invented 3000 years ago.

Well that's kind of like saying writing was invented 3000 years ago.

So calligraphy and writing are kind of the same and yet they're different in the West.

Calligraphy became sort of different from writing about 500 years ago.

Okay so what's the difference? Well I found sort of three main things that were different between regular writing and calligraphy.

The first is tools with regular writing.

Of course you can write with just about anything pencils, pens, crayons, you can write with a stick in the sand if you want to.

But calligraphy requires special tools in Eastern calligraphy you usually need a calligraphy brush and the dark ink, the black ink for doing calligraphy and in the west you need special pens with a special tip to give it that sort of calligraphy flavor and then there's a whole range of sizes of pen tips and pens, it's another podcast in its own number two is the rare nous, regular writing is everywhere but calligraphy is not everywhere, it's only in a few special places and then the last one was the intention.

The main intention of calligraphy is beauty.

You want to create something beautiful in a sense, it's art.

On the other hand, writing, the main intention is just communication.

So we find that calligraphy and writing are quite a bit different when you consider tools rare Nous and intention.

Thanks for listening."