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Car Colors

2023-07-31 00:00:00 / episode: 196



"Car colors.

Do you give much thought to the colors of cars? What color is your car for that matter? If you have a car, I have a car and it's silver.


Now, silver is a pretty bland color.

It's neither this nor that.

It's neither fish nor fowl.

It's not black, it's not white and it's not really pretty, but it's safe and it's hard to see the dirt on it.

One of the problems I read about car colors recently is that all the colors are becoming bland.

There's no more strong colors in the market.

I'm not quite sure that's correct.

The article I read was written for uh sort of North America and Europe and I live in Japan and I can look around and see there's the odd car that has a really bright color, sometimes bright orange or bright red, I suppose.

That's also true in North America, but the average car color is not like that.

It's tending to be more kind of white or pearly, not white off white or pearly and not black but dark gray and not blue, but sort of a grayish blue.

They say that they're getting more average colors.

I'm not sure exactly what the reason is for that.

It's got to do with kind of safety.

Nobody wants to get that strong color anymore.

How about you? Would you like to have a strong colored car? Personally, I kind of want to have a strong colored car.

I think a bright yellow would be good or maybe orange, not, not, uh, a weak yellow or not a weak orange.

Those are horrible colors, bright and strong that or else a deep forest green.

That would be a nice color for a car.

On the other hand, I'm kind of afraid of the deep forest green because it's dark and I live in a country where the summer is incredibly hot.

I think that the car would be like an oven inside if I park it outside.

So I don't want to have too dark a color.

How about you?"