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Car Tires

2023-05-29 00:00:00 / episode: 133



"Car tires.

Well, this sounds pretty dull and not very interesting unless you're a car tire designer.

But when I first came to Japan, I was quite surprised you see, Canada, we have summer, fall, winter and spring.

We have the four seasons and the winter is pretty, uh, extreme compared to many other countries.

So we only had one set of tires for our car.

I got my all season radios.

They were good tires and I, I never changed my tires.

The only time I changed the tires on my car was when they wore out and I bought new ones.

When I came to Japan, I discovered they were using winter tires and summer tires.

And I was amazed by that.

I thought that's pretty old fashioned.

Why do they have different tires in this country? When back home we have tires for all seasons.

I thought it was just a ploy by the tire industry to make us buy more tires.

You have to buy this set and then you have to buy that set and they make more money.

Now, I suppose there is a safety feature or a safety advantage there because if you have a special winter tire.

Guess what? Because it's specialized.

It's gonna be better in the winter and a special summer tire that's gonna be better in the summer nonetheless.

I thought this is a lot of money and on top of that, when you buy these tires you have four on your car.

But what about the other four? You have to have a space to keep them.

Oh, my goodness.

That would be hard for people living in apartments.

You don't have a garage if you live in an apartment and you can't, well, you don't want to put your tires in the apartment.

So I like the all season radio tires.

They're great.

It makes life much simpler and a little bit more cost effective.

Tell me about your car tires.

What do you have?"