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Cheap Jewellery

2023-06-29 00:00:00 / episode: 164



"Cheap jewelry.

When I was younger, I thought expensive jewelry was the best.

The real thing.

I thought if you had cheap jewelry that was kind of not very good.

It was kind of fake.

Now, I've changed my opinion about cheap jewelry.

Number one, we can make really beautiful cheap jewelry.

40 years ago, cheap jewelry looked cheap.

You know, it looked fake these days.

They've got really, really good looking cheap jewelry.

And furthermore, I'm not sure that I want expensive jewelry.

I want to keep my house safe.

If I have a lot of expensive things in my house, then, you know, somewhere along the way somebody's going to find out and maybe a burglar will come.

Furthermore, if you're wearing cheap jewelry, it looks real these days.

So who's to know? And it's beautiful? Some of the cheap jewelry is downright beautiful.

Now, that's the whole point of wearing jewelry, isn't it to look more beautiful? And if you can get beauty without spending a lot of money, I say, why not? That sounds great.

That's the whole modern economy.

Try to get higher quality things for less money.

That's high value.

So cheap jewelry is wonderful.

Another thing is if you break it or lose it, who cares? It's cheap.

You know, I, I would really feel bad if I lost a ring that had a very precious stone in it or if I lost a very, very beautiful necklace.

On the other hand, if you buy something cheap, you don't care if you lose it.

Also, you won't make the emotional attachment to that item.

You won't get so hung up on it.

If you lose it, it's ok.

We can always get another, then life becomes lighter and easier.

And a third thing about cheap jewelry is it's easy to care for.

One thing I know about, uh, silver is that it tarnishes, silver tarnishes and you have to keep care of it, take care of it so that it doesn't tarnish or fix it up and gold is very, very soft.

It wears off and wears down.

You can lose it after wearing it for a long time.

Cheap jewelry doesn't have those problems or at least if it did have those problems, it doesn't matter because it's very easy to get a new one.

I'm all in favor of cheap jewelry.

How about you?"