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2023-04-25 00:00:00 / episode: 99



Chess, it's a wonderful game when I was a boy, I played it with my father.

I never played it with my brothers or sisters.

They didn't get into it.

And to be perfectly honest, I wasn't very good at it.

I think chess takes a great deal of practice and it takes a great deal of patience.

Of course, being smart really helps.

But actually, I'm not sure you need to be really smart to be good at chess.

You might have to be really smart to be great, but just good.

No, no, no practice, practice, practice.

And these days it's even easier than it ever was before because you can play chess online.

You can play chess with the computer and practice with the computer and get really good without feeling bad about feeling, you know, losing it to other people.

That's how I always sort of felt.

And that's why I didn't get good at chess.

I felt I always played against people who are better than me.

And my ego took a beating.

I felt bad when I lost.

And so after a while I stopped playing, I just assumed I wasn't very good now.

That I'm older.

I think anybody could play chess and anybody can get good at chess.

Maybe not great but good.

There's another game like chess that they play in Japan called shogi.

But it's quite a bit different actually.

It looks the same, but there's a number of differences in the differences in the rules, make it, uh, maybe a longer game.

And I thought chess is already pretty long as it is in the chess club at school.

They had timed chess games where you had to go as fast as you could.

I thought that was pretty good.

It was fun.

And, uh, at least you didn't play for three or four hours, you'd get a game done in a reasonable amount of time.

That might be the best way to play chess.

And chess is fairly cheap.

You can go to a store and pick up a, a nice chess game without spending too much money.

Have you ever played chess? And do you enjoy it?