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2023-09-02 00:00:00 / episode: 229




How many closets do you have in your house? And what is the state of your closet? Closets are an interesting thing.

I come from North America Canada in particular.

And about 100 years ago, rooms didn't have closets and there were very, very small closets in the entrance for some of the posh houses, closets were not common as people became more affluent, more prosperous.

They built houses that were a little bigger and they started to include closets.

At the beginning, closets were very small.

Having a closet in your bedroom was a luxury.

But over time, closets have grown and grown and grown.

Now, if you go and look at a new house, there's a good chance that one of the bedrooms will have a walk in closet.

Oh, my goodness.

That's amazing.

And these closets as they've expanded, we have expanded the stuff that we put in them.

Our closets are full.

So I don't know about this whole closet business.

What do you think? Is it better to have a closet or not? You see if you don't have a closet, you don't have the space to put stuff in.

And so you don't get as much stuff, which all in all seems like a much simpler, lighter life.

To me.

I was telling my son the other day, one of the great skills of life is organizing and organizing becomes more difficult when you have more stuff and it takes more of your attention, more of your time.

So get less stuff and then you'll keep a more organized life with less effort and you can put more of your time into things that you enjoy.

Of course, if you enjoy cramming your brain full of things and trying to think where to put them and how to organize them, that's fine.

I don't mind.

But for myself, I found that having less stuff is better and if I had empty closets I'd probably be quite happy.

What about you? Are your closets full of, lots of stuff? And are they clean?