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2023-01-26 00:00:00 / episode: 9




I'll bet millions and millions of people drink coffee every day.

Most people are drinking coffee for caffeine I think

they just want to wake up and get going in the day.

But it's also a social drink.

Let's get together and have coffee is what I like to say to my friends

and of course we all want good coffee.

I think coffee beans comes from basically two kinds of beans, Robustica and a Arabica.

And the Arabica is better.

I guess it's a little bit less bitter.

I don't know much more than that, except we say coffee beans,

but in fact it's not a bean,

it's a fruit and it's grown on a plant high in the mountains.

Coffee doesn't like to be at low elevations.

So that's why you have to grow it in countries that have mountains or at least high areas.

Some coffees are cheap and some coffees are expensive,

but the most expensive coffee comes from coffee beans that a cat ate.

I couldn't believe it.

After the cat eats the bean, the bean passes right through the cat and comes out in the poop.

It must be kind of disgusting gathering those beans,

but it sounds even more disgusting drinking copy that came out of animal poop.

On the other hand, the real coffee lovers, they say it's the best.

So who knows?

And how about drinking coffee?

There's so many different ways to drink coffee.

If I go into a Starbucks coffee store.

I'm amazed by the different things that I can order and it usually confuses me.

That's why when I go there, I just get espresso or a black coffee or americano.

I don't like to put much in my coffee.

Black is best, but if I do put something in, cream is pretty good, too.

How about you?