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Cold Hands

2023-01-18 00:00:00 / episode: 1



Do you ever get cold hands

I'm sure most people do but I seem to have a particular problem with it

what I mean is my hands aren't just cold, they get white

and sometimes it's painful when I put them into warm water.

I think this started years and years ago because I was an ice climber

and I experienced freezing temperatures on my fingers regularly.

At any rate even when the room isn't very cold my hands get cold

and I don't like it.

I decided to try something this year.

I'm putting my hands into alternating hot and cold water baths.

I started this about a month ago and it seems to be working great

I started with a bath of plain cold water coming out of the tap

and another water bath made with really really hot water.

It was hot enough that it was a little uncomfortable to put my hands in it.

I put my hands in cold water for 30 seconds and then I put my hands in the hot water for 30 seconds.

I did this eight times and then I stopped.

And I did this once a day.

Now sometimes I missed a day

but I pretty much continued regularly

and after about a month of that

I changed it.

It was about a week and a half ago that I changed it and

I put my hands in the cold water for 45 seconds and hot water for 15 seconds.

My hands are really getting better these days.

Another thing I changed last week,

I decided to put ice in the cold water so it's really cold

because I noticed after putting my hands in the cold water again and again it was starting to warm up.

Now I put my hands in ice water and it stays icy for the full 8 minutes that I'm doing this.

I did it today already and my hands are feeling pretty good

even though the room is pretty cold.

What do you do for your cold hands?

and do you have a problem with cold hands?

Thanks for listening.