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Crocodiles for Food

2023-10-11 00:00:00 / episode: 268


Hi and welcome to the Les bears dot com podcast.

This podcast is for extensive English listening.

So every day I'll make a new podcast about a different topic.

That way you can hear lots of different vocabulary and you don't have to listen too long.

Two or three minutes at best.

Hi, welcome to the Les Paris dot com podcast today.

Your English listening, extensive English listening uh podcast today, I wanna talk about crocodiles but not just crocodiles.

I wanna talk about crocodiles for food.

Can you imagine eating a crocodile? What's your first thought about crocodiles on the plate in front of you? Well, personally I can answer the question.

I have thought about eating crocodile when I saw it on the menu.

I said I wanna try that.

I was in Africa.

I think I was in Kenya.

Maybe not but anywhere.

Um I thought I'd try the crocodile.

It was crocodile in a salad.

It was delicious, except when I took a drink of beer because it was on holiday.

I could drink beer at lunchtime.

So I ate the crocodile.

It tasted like really delicious chicken and then I drank the beer and it tasted like swamp water.

It was terrible.

I heard in Taiwan they're using crocodiles in a kind of soup.

Maybe it's ramen.

I, I can't remember exactly.

But it was making lots of money.

People want to eat the crocodile.

They had crocodile hand soup.

It was really crazy looking because they actually had the hand sticking out of the bowl.

It was a little bit grotesque if you ask me.

But it was also very interesting and people were lining up at that shop to eat the crocodile.

Those crocodiles that they used in the restaurant were farmed for their skin and obviously for eating.

Now you can talk until the, the cows come home about whether it's ethical or good to farm animals for food.

But the fact is people need to eat and they're gonna eat something.

Some people want to eat crocodile.

I don't think most people want to eat crocodile as you listen to me.

You might say, no, that's disgusting.

But there are people who want to eat crocodile.

And uh well, you know, as long as that number isn't too much or they don't become endangered.

I say that's ok.

I'm sort of live and let live as long as you're not creating massive problems for other people around you or other living organisms around you.

Well, that's it for today's podcast.

Thanks again for listening.