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Decorative Plants

2023-06-08 00:00:00 / episode: 143



"Decorative plants.

These are often known as just house plants but they don't have to be in the house.

They're decorative, they can decorate your yard just about any plant we plant for beauty is a decorative plant in Japan.

Some people plant uh the cherry trees as a decorative plant and other people, they plant the plum trees inside the house.

Some people have geraniums which are small flowering plants or the spider plant.

The spider plants are particularly cool.

You can put them in a plant pot and hang it up from the ceiling and then it sends runners out.

These are long, long branches of the plant that can eventually grow a new plant and they'll be hanging down off the mother plant with a new plant growing out of it and you can cut them off and plant them in a new plant pot.

Spider plants are particularly good because they're said to clean the air even better than other plants.

House plants are wonderful for cutting down noise.

They have leaves which can absorb the sound vibrations in the air.

So a noisy room is not so noisy but they also clean the air.

Remember plants take in CO2 and they give off oxygen so they make the air good for us.

And plants are, well, they're beautiful.

They're decorative.

Some of the plants that I have don't have any, uh, flowers in particular.

They're just green plants but they have cool shapes and they're really nice to look at other plants.

Have beautiful flowers.

Me, I can't be bothered with the flowering plants.

I think they're too much, bother, too much, too difficult to take care of, but outside they're nice to plant.

And I do have one called the morning glory plant and I grow morning glory every year on my veranda.

Do you have decorative plants?"