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2023-03-31 00:00:00 / episode: 74




Are you on a diet? If you're on a diet? Why are you on a diet? Most diets have the target of helping the person lose weight, become slender, become more beautiful.

But there are also diets for other purposes.

Medical diets is an example.

I know some people who can't have too much sugar because they are diabetic and the sugar would make them uh feel sick, let's say shortly.

Anyway, what kind of diets are there? I can't talk about the details of diets.

I'm not an expert, but I did a quick survey of different kinds of diets.

One diet is the intermittent fasting diet that looks really interesting because you get to go on a fast for a certain period of time.

I think it's only a period of hours in the day.

But I've heard of people fasting for weeks.

There's also the Mediterranean diet.

I don't know what the food is on the Mediterranean diet, but it sounds like the food that people ate in the Mediterranean region over the last 1000 years.

There's the ketogenic diet which is heavy on fats and meats and protein.

And there's the paleo diet which is like what people ate before we became industrialized.

A long, long time ago before farming, there's a vegan diet where you can't eat any animal products.

I've heard varying reports about all these diets and I can't really comment on whether one is good or bad, but I can see a lot of the people on the vegan diet aren't doing it to lose weight as much as they're doing it for the purpose of maybe saving the planet because they believe animal products are very destructive to the planet.

There's all sorts of reasons to take all sorts of diets.

So, are you on a diet? And if, so, what kind of diet are you on?"