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Dish Soap

2023-09-16 00:00:00 / episode: 243




Do you ever use this stuff? Without thinking, I'll bet you do.

Most of us use it and we never even think about it.

Other than thinking I need some soap now, dish soap is really interesting because it's kind of like not soap.

If you think about the white bar soap that you use to wash your hands with dish soap is different, you could call it detergent.

Now, I'm not gonna get into the heavy explanation of the differences, but it's not the same thing.

And usually the stuff that you buy in the stores is very powerful.

I didn't know this when I was young and I wanted to put lots of soap into the sponge so that I could make it nice and soft.

And my mom watched me and she said no, don't do that.

All you need is a little bit because it's highly concentrated.

This highly concentrated soap means all you need is a dot And it'll make a lot of soap bubbles.

Now, most of us think the soap bubbles are the, are the soap.

Ok? In fact, they put stuff in there to make it bubbly, but that's not critical to making it cleaning, cleanable.

The bubbles don't actually do the cleaning.

They just make us feel good that there's some soap in there and we can see it and when you mix it up and you see lots of bubbles you say, wow, this is gonna clean everything really good.

But in fact, it's not that important and soap is, uh, dish soap is actually really bad for the environment.

So you don't want to put a lot of it in, into the water and wash it down the drain.

A lot of times it just goes right out into the river.

And that would be bad because it's really not good for animals or plants when you're using the dish soap next time, use it cautiously put a dot Into your sponge.

Squeeze it a whole bunch of times until the, the soap gets spread throughout the sponge and it's foamy and then start cleaning."