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2023-02-25 00:00:00 / episode: 40




They're wonderful things.

I like to eat them.

I'm sure you have some form of dumplings that you've had and enjoyed dumplings are really fascinating.

When I was growing up in Canada.

The only dumplings I knew about were apple dumplings and in fact I never got to eat them.

They were just from an american tv show.

At any rate, I had no idea about the range of dumplings

and I had no idea I was eating dumplings because we had pierogies which are kind of,

I think their Ukrainian form of dumpling.

At any rate, dumplings are amazing because there's a huge variety of them.

I was checking up on dumplings just a few days ago and I found over 35 kinds of dumplings.

They're just amazing how many different kinds there are.

The origins of dumplings are also equally fascinating because with so many dumplings in so many countries,

they all have different origins and yet they come out looking like dumplings when it comes to the flavor of dumplings.

Well, as you can imagine, there's a lot, I found savory dumplings.

I found sweet dumplings naturally.

There's spicy dumplings and sour dumplings.

I could go into all the names of the dumplings.

The dumpling that I eat here in Japan is called gyoza in Japanese, you could translate it as a pork dumpling,

but there are lots of other dumplings that are pork dumplings too.

So I stay with the word Gyoza then there are the pierogies that I mentioned earlier and if you go to Italy,

there's no key and then I also talked about the apple dumplings.

There's just dumplings here, dumplings there.

It seems like every country has its form of dumplings and they're great to eat.

Tell me do you cook dumplings? And do you do you enjoy eating them? And if you do, how do you eat them?

Because the toppings that we put on dumplings and the way we eat them? Well, I guess that's a topic for another podcast.

Thanks a lot.