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Electric Carpets

2023-12-14 00:00:00 / episode: 332


One of my favourite things in the winter time is sitting on a nice warm, lightly heated electric carpet in the sun while it's cold outside.

Today I will answer the questions:

1 vWhat are some of the benefits of electric carpets?

2 what do we have to do to take care of them?

3 What are some of the dangers of electric carpets?

4 And what are some of the alternatives to electric carpets?


Hi and welcome to the Les Perras podcast episode number 332.

This podcast is excellent for extensive English listening, to help you expand your listening vocabulary.

Today's podcast episode is about electric carpets.


Electric carpets are good for heating. They are very very efficient when you are sitting on them.

The heat radiates up so it heats the air above where you're living

not the heat up high in the room where you're not living.

This is a good use of the energy and it makes you feel more comfortable.

They're all so small so you can move them around and you don't need to heat the entire floor.

And you can get them with coverings to match the decor of your room.


Cleaning carpets is easy,

it's the same as any other carpet.

If you spill something on it wipe it up quickly.

Vacuum it from time to time.

Most electric carpets are portable so you can take them outside and beat them to get the dust and whatnot out quickly and easily.

I heard that airing them in the sun can also make them fresh and clean smelling quickly


On the other hand electric carpets have dangers.

Number one is the electricity itself.

If the electrical wire is exposed there's a chance of an electrical short and an electrical fire occurring.

You may also forget to turn it off and waste electricity as it heats an area that's not being used.

It's quite dangerous for children as they may not know how hot they are getting, especially if they are unsupervised.

The same is true for older people.

Next we have the danger of not cleaning the carpet.

This means it could have all sorts of house dust or other allergens in it which can help make you sicker.

So not cleaning them would be a poor idea.


Some people are getting built in floor heating systems that can heat the whole room.

These are lovely and convenient.

You turn the switch on and turn the switch off to make the heat come up out of the floor.

They're much easier to clean than electric carpets.

But they're also quite a bit more expensive.

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