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Family Restaurants

2023-11-07 00:00:00 / episode: 295


This podcast is about the bright side and the dark side of Family Restaurants.

Plus at the end, I’ll talk a bit about what some restaurants are doing, and it sounds crazy!

Thanks for joining me today on the les perras podcast,episode 295 and for today’s extensive english listening topic I’m going to talk about family restaurants.

Family restaurants are either looked down upon or they're looked up at depending on who you are and what your position in life is.

The Bright Side

For instance, kids love family restaurants.

It's their chance to go out to a restaurant and eat yummy food.

It's exciting and special for them.

On the other hand parents love family restaurants because

it's an easy place to take their kids and get reasonable food

and not worry about making noise for all the other customers

because those customers also have kids at this restaurant.

It's a stress-free, relaxed but special place to go and have food.

The Dark Side On the other hand if you don't have kids

there's a pretty high chance that you don't want to go to a family restaurant.

After all, who wants to have a nice dinner while somebody else inflicts their children on you.

Kids sometimes have no manners, and sometimes

he parents are worse because they let their kids run free.

The restaurant staff is unlikely to supervise the kids and they go crazy.

This can be quite a bit worse if there's a drink bar or a salad bar.

That usually means lots of trips back and forth from the table to the salad bar or the drink bar by the kids.

Movement in the restaurant becomes dangerous and noisy

and nobody can relax and enjoy their food unless they have their own kids there.

Amazing News I read in the news where one family restaurant actually imposed extra charges for the families that didn't control their children.

Can you imagine that you have to pay extra

because you didn't keep your children in line?

It sounds like a good idea from afar

but if you get close up there's a bit of a scary idea going on.

Who's the guy that decides when the charge gets applied and what's their standard?

Maybe their Draconian I hate children types and they charge everyone.

Or they've got some strange idea of what's right and wrong

and it just so happens to agree or disagree with your or my idea.

So now we go to a restaurant and we get charged for something

that we think is perfectly reasonable.

That could lead to some irate customers.

If you go to a family restaurant you might want to check in on little rules

like that before you settle into your meal.

Who knows who could be watching and what they're planning.

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