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Farmers Almanac

2023-08-09 00:00:00 / episode: 205



"The farmer's almanac.

What is an almanac? It's funny because I only know the farmer's almanac, but an almanac is a book that has references to calendar dates and events on those dates.

Usually simple things like the sun, the sun rising and the sun setting and the phase of the moon when it's full and when it's a new moon and other, you know, local events, but it also has uh entries of topics of general interest.

Now, the farmer's almanac is gonna have topics that are interesting to farmers.

So it might have perhaps when to plant such and such a plant or where to plant it or how to plant it.

It'll also have information about the weather and as well as the sun rising and setting and the moons.

The farmer's almanac is a, a real reference that I heard about quite a bit when I was a child.

I never actually got the farmer's almanac and I have a suspicion that there's more than one version.

I'll bet you different publishing companies make their own farmers' Almanac, a farmer's almanac for the east coast and for the west coast in North America, for instance, would probably be the, quite a bit different because they're growing different things because the climates are different.

But the celestial events like the sun rising and setting and the new and full moons, those would be all the same other general things like when to start harvesting, when to start, um, planting.

Those would change depending on your location.

And that might even be in the farmer's almanac.

It's a great reference.

Every year the farmer's almanac would come out and we'd hear.

Is it gonna be a hot summer? Is it gonna be a cold summer this year? It makes predictions like that.

Whether the prediction came true or not was not nearly as much fun for me as just hearing the prediction and then anticipating a hot or a cold summer.

We can do that.

Now with things like El Nino and La Nina, but the farmer's almanac is the historical way that most people learn these things.

Have you ever seen a farmer's almanac?"