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2023-03-28 00:00:00 / episode: 71



"Festivals do you like to go to festivals? If so, which festivals do you like? We have festivals in Canada and I went to a number of them.

But I think some of the biggest festivals in the world don't exist there.

I think they might exist in India.

There are some mighty big festivals there.

There's also big festivals in Spain.

India has a festival.

The holy festival, I think they have lots of really fancy colors and they throw color bombs at each other.

It looks like a really wonderful affair.

And then speaking of festivals where they throw things at each other in Spain, there's a tomato festival and they throw tomatoes at each other.

That's also a fairly colorful affair.

If, if it's monochromatic, you know, it's all red, then there's more serious festivals.

Easter sounds kind of like a serious festival.

To me, it's very somber.

People are a little bit more quiet and they're not dancing around and jumping and singing.

I think most of the festivals are connected with religion in one way or another.

Religious festivals are the most common and religion is sort of the beginning or the origin of festivals but now we have other festivals in my hometown, we had a Fringe festival which was a theater festival and it had nothing to do with religion at all.

There was a whole bunch of plays being put on and music and, and many, many people walking from building to building in the festival to watch different things and eat different foods.

Now, that's another thing, festivals almost always have some kind of food associated with them.

Maybe it's just good food or maybe it's a special food in Japan.

There's a special food for New Year's, although I'm not sure.


Maybe you'd call it the New Year's at festival because Japanese people all go to the, uh, shrines and temples on December 31st and they eat the special food.

New Year's food called.

And that's actually pretty yummy.

I like it.

What is your favorite festival? Let me know."