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Gaining Weight

2023-02-06 00:00:00 / episode: 20



gaining weight probably you think no no no I want to lose weight because that's how most people feel.

But the National Institute of Health in America believes there's about eight million people in the U. S.

Who are having trouble gaining weight gaining weight can be challenging.

And that can be hard for many people to understand because relatively speaking not as many people have this problem

but it can be just as difficult to gain weight as it can be to lose weight.

For some people there's all sorts of reasons why they might have trouble gaining weight.

It could be due to metabolic problem with the body.

It could be something to do with their stomach and they can't absorb nutrients.

Or maybe they have an emotional component.

May be a fear of food or a low self esteem.

Whatever the case if you're having trouble gaining weight

that can be a serious issue for you.

I know for myself it's really difficult to gain weight.

I'm lucky because I'm at an acceptable body weight

but putting on weight is really hard And recently I'm a little bit lower than I'd like to be.

I'd enjoy being a little bit well shall we say have a few extra reserves.

If your weight goes to low you can suffer physical problems and illness

you can also have emotional problems because your hormones go off balance.

So it turns out that gaining weight is quite a serious thing.

However because most people want to lose weight gaining weight is kind of poo pooed

and people who have trouble tend not to talk about it very much because they don't get received very well.

So you might know somebody who's having trouble gaining weight

but you don't actually know about it because they never talk about it.

Take a look at your friends, ask them about it,

see if you know anyone who has trouble gaining weight or maybe you have trouble gaining weight.