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Garbage Collection

2023-09-14 00:00:00 / episode: 241



"Garbage collection.

Do you ever stop to think about garbage collection? I'll bet you don't.

These days there's all sorts of hot political topics and news topics.

But garbage collection is really, really important.

Just imagine what would happen if they stopped collecting garbage.

Oh my God, we'd have garbage piling up in the streets and that's what happens in some countries.

I won't talk about countries in particular.

My knowledge is limited here but I've seen pictures where there's just garbage piled up in the streets.

It's terrible and it's unsafe.

Now, of course, we could talk, talk about how we need to reduce.

Reducing our consumption would be the best way to go.

I, I'm trying to do that myself but let's face it.

People don't want to reduce and they're not going to reduce any time soon.

So we need to deal with the garbage that's produced and we collect it now, different countries after they collect it, they have different systems or ways of dealing with the garbage.

Some people bury it into, in the earth.

Some people dump it in the ocean and some people burn it.

I can't talk about the relative.

Um I can't compare them, but I can say that you got to do something with this garbage and garbage is a worldwide problem.

Now, we have more humans on earth than ever and the garbage is gonna, it's gonna pile up and we're gonna choke in our own garbage.

If we don't do something with it, garbage collection keeps our society clean and healthy and we probably should be paying our garbage collectors more money.

I think that they do a, a really, really tough job and not just tough but really important and they have to be reliable.

I mean, let's face it.

We can't let these guys take a big holiday because then we'd have a lot of garbage piling up garbage collection is one of those unseen tasks that we really need.

We really depend on and we really don't pay attention to pay attention to your garbage collector next time and say thanks to him."