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2023-10-07 00:00:00 / episode: 264


hi and welcome to episode 264 of the Les perras.com podcast

today's topic is glaciers

it's something I know a little bit about because when I was uh living in Canada I used to do a lot of climbing and I climbed across over and to the top of many glaciers

glaciers are really cool there's a lot of pure ice in there and there's a lot of not very pure ice at all these days

Glaciers are hitting the news quite big because they're sort of a barometer about the climate change

as the climate is changing the glaciers that we used to enjoy are starting to recede they're starting to go back get smaller

now lots of people are arguing different ideas and we don't really know if if it gets warmer is there going to be more precipitation could that lead to Greater snowfall and bigger glaciers in the long run or is the melting just going too fast and the Glaciers are going to get smaller and smaller and disappear

it appears the second situation is more likely right now but uh either way you take it Glaciers are changing

if you want to go out and see nature and the Beautiful Wonder of glaciers get going now because they're not going to last

I'd say you've got 20 years and you might say 20 years is a long time but it's hard to plan a a great trip and take the appropriate time off to go to a different country if necessary or go far away and see the glaciers in their natural Splendor

hey get going go check out a glacier now they're beautiful